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Date: November 11th 2013

Next stage of “Imagine Anfield” project cheers up travellers!

Bus-stop shelters across Anfield have become a little brighter this week, with the installation of posters displaying the aims and achievements of the “Imagine Anfield Flourishing” project, to further develop the community’s involvement with the ongoing regeneration work.

The posters display colourful “visual minutes” of the numerous conversations and meetings led by Anfield Breckside Community Corner, (ABCC), that have seen nearly 800 local people contributing their thoughts and ideas on how they would like to see Anfield improved.

The belief behind the project is that communities who have few opportunities can be improved by tapping in to the strengths and skills of those who live and work there. ABCC is working with Liverpool organisational development specialists “Appreciating People” to capture ideas and develop them into a working plan of regeneration.

The project has seen the backing of Anfield ward Councillor, Ian Francis, and has had visits from MPs Steve Rotheram and Alison McGovern.

Mr. Francis joined ABCC’s Community Development Manager Ruth Little, Appreciating People team member Phil Taylor, ABCC staff and Anfield residents to view the posters this week, and commented, “It is great to see that people are working together to create a better place, and are proud to say that they live in Anfield. I am glad to be involved in this project as I believe that everyone should have a chance to say what they would like to see in the environment in which they live.”

Ruth Little has seen the Imagine Anfield Flourishing project go from strength to strength, and said, “It has been an amazing year developing the programme, and the commitment from the community has been fantastic. We are really looking forward to the future developments that are starting to come together from the community conversations that will help shape activities and services within Anfield.”

All Anfield residents are encouraged to get involved in the project and can contact ABCC on 0151 261 4600 or via


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