About Us

Who are ABCC?

We are a charity ran by local people for the benefit of all residents of the Anfield & Breckside area of Liverpool. We wish to promote both the people and the area by building relationships between the residents and the local and statutory authorities, other voluntary organisations and commercial enterprises in an effort to:

  • Build the capacity of the local community by developing and supporting resident groups, local champions and partner organisations;
  • Provide facilities in the interest of social welfare for recreation and leisure-time occupation with the object of improving the community for all residents;
  • Promote, preserve and protect good health both mental and physical;
  • Promote good citizenship, social inclusion and community cohesion;
  • Support family life and to work especially for young people;
  • Support regeneration initiatives.

‘Advance opportunities for the benefit of the community’

We are committed to the residents of the Anfield  & Breckside area and offer a range of activities and projects that are intended to increase participation, provide opportunities for the development of skills and employment and advance health and wellbeing. We encourage the sharing of knowledge and good practice throughout the community and ensure local residents are engaged and take an active role in any initiatives taking place within the area to safeguard their interests and bring about positive benefits.