Panel Members

The panel made up of representatives from across the community have met several times to talk through the way forward for Anfield and to look to set Priorities for the area.


Ros Groves (Salisbury) –  Ruth little (ABCC)  – Alan Blundell (Walton Breck Residents) – Jill Foxall (Cobra) – Irene Taylor (B2U) –- Margaret Thornley (Rawdon) – Fr Ray Bridson (St Columba’s) – Patsy Watterson (Yorkies) – Harry Moulton (Pinehurst Area) – Sally HInks (B2U Residents) – John Dillon (Pinehurst Area)

Panel Partners    Irene Crone (Plus Dane) – Adelle Dowling

The Community First Panel held their AGM in September 2013 and elected a new panel.

Ros Groves (Chair) – Ruth Little (ABCC) – Jill Foxall (Cobra) – Irene Taylor (B2U)  – Alan Blundell – (Walton Breck) –  Margaret Thornley (Rawdon) – Billy Marrat (P.C.A) – Fr Ray (St Columbas) –  Clive Wilkinson (Yorkies)

Panel Partner- Irene Crone – ( Plus Dane)

If you’re interested in more information of the panel, or any more information on the community first program, or if you would like to be considered for the Anfield Panel  email us on