How Will it Happen at Local Level


Communities throughout the country will be involved; they are chosen by a set criteria.

Community First Panels support people to get involved in helping to agree local priorities for Community First funding;

  • Develop and bring forward projects that may be eligible for funding;
  • Participate in projects that the panel has agreed to fund;
  • Understand how the panel has allocated funds and which groups have received it.

 Following on from a visit by Nick Hurd to Anfield:-

A panel was set up to look at the priorities for the area, and this panel have been working hard to support initiatives within the local community.

Anfield has been successful in securing £50,000 over 3 years to work with residents within the area on initiatives that can improve the community and develop initiatives that cam make a lasting difference within our community

Added to this we have been really fortunate to have been able to match fund the programme with support from a Community Enterprise fund, which is administered by Plus Dane housing group, funding is through a local CAR PARK initiative, which provides car parking on both Everton and Liverpool matches. The funding in year one was supported via plus dane as a match for Community First application.

The scheme has also received national recognition.

PARKING IN THE COMMUNITY WINNER: Plus Dane Group: Beautiful North Community Car Park, Liverpool