2012/13 Success


Adult Learning

Everyone Online – Anfield in Work

ABCC have been working since November 2012 to develop a partnership with LCC Employment and Skills to look at a new way of working to provide services to the local Community.

Anfield has no provision from employment support – Liverpool in Work which was based locally has now been moved due to a reorganisation of services due to financial cuts.

The panel and partners recognise that if we are to make a difference and support local people into training and employment then we need to be able to work in a different way, therefore in late

Local people now have access to online services (resources provided by our partnership with DWP) and direct contact with advisors (National Careers Service) who can give them the relevant advice and support

In May 2013 Cllr Nick Small came along to ABCC and launched our Digital Hub this now gives access to local people to provide them with access to computers, advice and support for job search, universal job match.


A Big issue at every residents meeting is the issue of Dog Dirt, B 2 U residents decided that they wanted to do something positive to make a change.

Community First Panel – Take up Challenge to Tackle Dog Dirt.

The local panel for community first have been successful if funding to buy a POOVER !

The Poover works along the lines of a Hoover, it will be used on the streets of Anfield to remove Dog Dirt. 

The panel have secured funding to employ a local person who will be trained to tackle the dog fowling within the Anfield Area, all residents groups are supporting this imitative and each area will in turn will be given a clean up with the POOVER.

B 2 U residents who have secured the funding for the POOVER are delighted at being able to tackle the issue.  Irene Taylor Chair of B 2 U said.

This initiative will not be in isolation but will contribute to a wider programme to increase the awareness of the health impact of Dog Fowling,the initiative will be support through the local council

Councillor Adele Dowling said :

It is hoped that all the local schools will get on board with this campaign and that working in partnership with all the residents groups in the area we can MAKE A DIFFERENCE.

 The poover has been a great success and received an award at the Beautiful North Awards.

– Beautiful North honouring Community Champions –

Here are B2U Residents Association for the Poover project.


Richmond Park Residents 

Imagine Anfield

We have trained 22 local people in CDP diploma through Hope University, 40 local agencies, residents and volunteers have also been trained in Appreciative conversations.
During May and June we are about to go out into the community to engage in conversations with local people around their aspirations for them and their families.

The panel contributed to the trainng and the visioning and design days.


Community First panel Anfield begins challenging priorities

ABCC now have a commitment from Liverpool City Council. Primary Care Trust, LASBU (Liverpool anti social behaviour unit)Trading Standards and Neighbourhood management services to tackle the issue of Alcohol .

As a priority for the Community First Panel for Anfield a unique TASK FORCE has been set up to look at new and innovative ways of addressing the problems associated with Drinking Alcohol to excess.

The Anfield Drinkers Task Force will work with local GP’s RSL’s and other partners to find ways to

  • Reduce the number of premises selling Alcohol
  • Lobby government and the local council to limit the number of licences given to shops
  • Work with local GP’s to raise the awareness of  alcohol
  • Provide a range of activities and advice for local people to give guidance on ‘units’
  • Support local people wishing to reduce their intake
  • Train peer mentors to work with some of the most harden drinkers
  • Address the balance of housing occupation by registered Alcoholics
  • Work with young people on preventative strategies
  • Look to increase the number of people who reduce their intake on a weekly basis.
  • Reduce the number of people who present themselves at A & E through drink.

This approach the panel believe with create a healthier community, reduce rates of alcohol related deaths. And prevent young people & adults from becoming Alcohol dependant

Older People and Isolation

 St Columba church has been successful in securing funding from the Community first towards a refurbished kitchen area in their community space.

This space will provide the community with kitchen facilities that will enable the community to hold lunches for older people, events, etc.

This is a welcomed addition to the space and will see local volunteers provide support to help people socialise and ensure people receive a hot meal.

Alcohol / Drugs

ABCC are holding fortnightly Mens Health Lunches providing a healthy meal and opportunity to meet with other men from the Community. Liverpool football Club Action for health programme will introduce a range of information and opportunities for health improvements.

Healthy Eating

In recognition that there is a lack of good quality shops, ABCC are developing a Food You Need programme.

Comprising of a range of services providing opportunities for local people:

  • Food parcels
  • Grow your own project
  • Family food nights
  • Social Enterprises through Food Distribution

Older People and Isolation

A number of residents groups hold regular activities within the community to encourage social interaction with older people in the community.Anfield has a high population of older people living in terraced house’s and there is a demand for support in terms of ‘odd jobs’

The panel in 2013 through Yorkies residents group will look at developing a ‘Handymans service’ looking at employing a local person to manage and supervise a team of volunteers to provide a local service to the community. We have approached a local company to see if they would be willing to help develop the programme and give support in terms of

  • Resources
  • Policies of good practise
  • Additional staff resources

Adult Learning

Rawdon Residents group have been instrumental in developing a number of projects working with Adult learning – regular sessions for local history – genealogy are taking place

The Adult learning service is working with ABCC to develop opportunities for training local people 2 additional programmes are now running

  • Employability Course preparing people with the skills for the jobs market
  • Volunteering Course giving people protocols and an understanding of the responsibilities of volunteers

Opportunities for training – North West Training Solutions

This organisation is working with ABCC and we will be putting on a range of courses for local people to help provide additional skills.In May 2013 ABCC will run a range of certificated courses

  • Health and Safety
  • Food Hygiene
  • First Aid
  • Defibrillator skills