The Anfield Project

 £260m Regeneration proposals for the area.

Local Residents have been working for the past 14 years to improve the area, During that time there have been major changes that have taken place.

The Anfield project was launched by the Mayor JoeAnderson in July 2013 Engagement Activity  took place between (9th July – 18th July)

Tuesday 9th             

11:00 -15:00 door to door in the Anfield Village and Rockfield Area;

16:00 – 20:00 Anfield Sports and Community Centre, Lower Breck Road

Wednesday 10th    

11:00 -17:00 door to door in the Anfield Village and Rockfield Area

Thursday 11th         

14:00 –  19:00 Asda, Breck Road

Saturday 13th          

09:00 – 12:00 Summer League Football pitches in Stanley Park

Monday 15th            

14:00 – 16:30 door to door in the Anfield Village and Rockfield Area

Tuesday 16th           11:00 – 15:00 door to door Anfield Village and Rockfield Area

Wednesday 17th      

13:00 – 15:00 ABCC Women’s group, ABCC, Richmond Park

Thursday 18th            

10:00- 16:00  Opposite the Kop, Corner of Venmore Street

Stanley Park
A range of ideas to complete the restoration of Stanley Park are being suggested by the partners.These include the Food Hub and improvements to the existing car park. Other ideas include the construction of an interactive sculpture park which people could use for exercise, urban art projects, events and horse riding.There could also be a project to grow vegetables, linking in with the Food Hub concept.
The Stadium
In October 2012, Liverpool Football Club confirmed its preference was to stay and expand Anfield stadium subject to detailed feasibility studies and the community and home owners’ support.The Club believes the wider Anfield regeneration vision being led by Liverpool City Council is an important step to transforming the area for the better.
The Food Hub
The proposed new Food Hub would be a 10,000 sq ft facility built on the proposed avenue in Stanley Park and would offer direct employment, training and education opportunities in food production, preparation and service, and would create direct links between food producers and the local community.A number of commercial partners are in advanced talks regarding their potential involvement.
Business Hub
New commercial and office premises would be built in the Village Square to create the environment for new enterprises.It is anticipated that two major anchor tenants would be sought for this new commercial space.These anchor tenants would attract other complementary businesses, creating enterprise, employment and training opportunities. Talks are being held with possible end users.
Training Hotel
The proposed training hotel could be situated on the High Street and would help to anchor the wider programme of general improvement to the street.It would have 100 rooms and create 50 jobs, with the capacity to offer training to ten people at any given time in facets of the hospitality trade.A local charity, Positive Futures, would own the hotel and it would be operated by a local company, Isla Gladstone, to ensure it maximises opportunities and benefits for the local community.
Village Square
A public square, with high quality landscaping, would be created at the junction of the new avenue and Walton Breck Road.The square would act as a buffer between residents and the stadium and would also be a focal point for match-day and non match-day activity, plus commercial and retail activity.
The Avenue
It is proposed to create a wide, high quality avenue which would link the Walton Breck Road High Street with Priory Road, bisecting Stanley Park along the existing Mill Lane.The avenue would improve access to the park and connections between the Liverpool FC stadium and Goodison Park stadium and would be a major focal point for the area.The route would be largely closed to vehicles and might be used to host both match-day and non match-day events such as festivals and markets.

Your Housing Group

Your Housing Group has already delivered more than 200 new and refurbished homes in the Anfield area in an investment programme worth more than £24m.

It owns and manages more than 850 homes in the Anfield/Breckfield area in total. Work already undertaken includes the restoration of historic terraced homes and innovative refurbishment projects which have seen smaller traditional terraced houses combined to create larger quality family homes.

A further investment of some £16m-plus is anticipated in coming years. The organisation is also responsible for supporting a range of community groups and projects in the area.


Since 2007, some 15 hectares of land has been assembled transforming a largely derelict and undesirable place to live into a destination where real change is now being realised.

Keepmoat have to date completed three developments totalling 231 new energy-efficient homes with the third phase of 167 more new homes underway.

With the support of a successful Regional Growth Fund bid, proposals are currently being developed for concluding delivery of the Masterplan with a further phase of some 250 new homes. A new primary school and health centre have also been built.

How do I find out More

The Anfield Project office is now open at 60‐62 Burnand Street. It is open from Monday to Friday from 10.00am till 12 noon, and from 2.00pm till 4.00pm.

The Anfield Project plans are on display in the community room. Everyone is invited along to view the plans and to make comments.

Your Housing staff will be present to answer any queries. Other agencies will also be present at the following times:

Tuesday 2.00pm till 4.00pm – Susan Hirst, Liverpool City Council, Regeneration

Wednesday 2.00pm till 3.00pm – Ed Fagan, Liverpool City Council, Agency Services

Thursday 2.30pm till 4.00pm – Jobcentre Plus advisor

Friday 2.00pm till 4.00pm – Liverpool in Work (advice on work or training opportunities)

Every third Friday there will be Police surgeries, with the next one on Friday 18th October, 12 noon till 2.00pm.


For information about housing issues
contact Sue Hirst or Dave Highton at Liverpool City Council
0151 233 1644
or Dave Litherland at Your Housing Group on 01744 622 075
For all media enquires
please contact Jon Brown at Paver Smith PR
0151 239 5000
To contact the public engagement team
phone Nicola, Garry or Karen at So-Mo
0151 675 5033
For general enquiries about the proposals

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