Peter & the Poover


The Story

Local Residents Association take on the issue of Dog Dirt in the Anfield Community.

Through support from Community First and the Community Enterprise Fund, B 2 U Residents Association Residents Association applied to the Panel to develop an innovative way of cleaning the streets of Anfield. Working with Liverpool In work and ABCC the group secured funding to buy a state of the art machine called a ‘Poover’ and to employ a worker to operate it in the streets around the community.

Peter O’hanlon, the new local hero said

“I was delighted to get this job, which I found out about through a friend, because this issue is so important. It’s a real problem in our neighbourhood and the streets needed to be kept clean. I feel proud to be able to do my bit for the neighbourhood.”

B2Us’ Irene Taylor is passionate about ‘Dog Dirt’, and with a background of working within the NH, she knows all too well the health problems associated with Dog Dirt.

So Irene & Sally Hincks decided to take action, Irene ensured that it was One of the priorities for the Anfield Community First Panel. The panel understand all to well that ‘dog dirt’ isdiscussed at every residents meeting within the community.

Peter has been employed for a 12 month period and will be working will all the local residents groups within the area to help them improve the streets around Anfield.

The Community First Panel along with Liverpool City Council and Beautiful North Project will be looking at a range of ways to promote the ‘Poover’ and increase awareness of the damage that dog fouling was causing to our local environment by dog owners who don’t clean up after their dogs was getting worse, and so we were unanimous in identifying the issue as one of our top priorities for our neighbourhood. It was from these discussions that the idea of using a ‘poover’ to keep the streets clean was born and with the help of this funding, we have been able to purchase a machine and create a local employment opportunity.

Irene also added;

“We are delighted with progress so far and will be working next to involve local schools in the project and will be visiting local schools to talk about the difference it is making. This project is great example of residents setting the priorities that are important to them and being given the funding and support to tackle it ourselves.”

The Magazine

To really get the community involved in this scheme, ABCC developed a “Peter and the Poover’ magazine. The magazine has been round all the local schools, informing the children of the dangers.

Issue 1 can be downloaded: HERE

Issue 2 will be with you shortly.