Food U Need


The Food U Need program is here to help address Food Shortage and Hunger.

ABCC are delighted to be working with FARESHARE UK to provide food to local residents who are struggling to provide food for themselves and their families.

We have on average 8 – 12 people each week who call into the centre for a Food Parcel, these figures are increasing weekly as people struggle to provide food.

The reduction in benefits and the sanctions being imposed on people are having a REAL effect on local families and individuals.

ABCC have been collating the information and the reasons behind why people are going hungry and will compile the information and present it to the City Council and local Councillors.

FOODBANK nationally have seen an increase in the numbers of people going without food due to the high costs of living.

Child poverty is a priority and ABCC and partners are committed as always to find solutions.

If you are fortunate enough to be able to help then you can donate food to ABCC for us to redistribute to local families. If everyone bought 1 extra item when they go shopping then this would help many of the local people who are struggling. Please consider buying one of the following items and donating them to ABCC

  • Tins – soup – beans – tomatoes etc.
  • Dry food – cereal – pasta – dried milk – tea bags etc.
  • Jars – pasta sauce – jam – curry sauces – etc.
  • Toilet rolls – washing up liquid – sanitary items

In February 2012 Netmums surveyed over 2000 members to investigate how the economic downturn was hitting families:

  • One in five mums is missing meals so her children can eat
  • A quarter of families are living on credit cards, five per cent take payday loans and one in 100 have turned to loan sharks to stay afloat
  • Almost half of families have sold or pawned goods to make money to live
  • Sixteen per cent of parents are being treated for a stress-related illness due to lack of cash
  • The study found almost two thirds of families have less money coming in than this time last year with 61 per cent short of money every week. Two in five families need an extra £20 a week to get by, a third need £50 and one in ten families would need an extra £100 each week to make ends meet.

Over half of the families surveyed said they were living on the edge – if one thing changes, such as child care costs going up or child tax credits going down – they will face hardship. A further 15 per cent said they were ‘desperate’ with debts piling up. And one in 33 said they felt ‘suicidal’ and ‘unable to cope’ with the pressure and unable to see how their finances will improve.

The effects of high costs of living and the reduction in benefits are having a significant impact of local people as well as nationally.

ABCC want to look to find ways to address these issues NOW before the new benefit reforms come into force in 2013.

If you would like to volunteer to help or to support our aim to increase support for those struggling then please contact:-